Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies

CAMTech’s $100K Innovation Awards program is a request for proposals for innovative health technologies targeting pressing global health challenges.  The awards look not only for innovative technical solutions, but also for solutions that will be sustainable and scalable in LMICs in the long term.

2014 Request for Applications (RFA)
With support from the Bacca Foundation and the Omidyar Network, we are pleased to announce the next round of Innovation Awards to accelerate innovative technologies to improve health outcomes in low- and middle-income countries.  We are initially requesting a one-page letter of intent (LOI) due February 13, 2014 followed by a full proposal for those invited to apply.

Only full proposals from invited applicants will be accepted. Full proposals are due on April 10th, 2014 (5pm EST).

How much are the awards?
The awards provide US$100,000 for one-year of support for innovative technologies. Technologies are defined as devices and protocols, but excluding medicines and vaccines.  CAMTech is agnostic to where the technology is in the product development process (e.g. prototyping, field-testing, market research for commercialization etc.) as long as the budget reflects the scope of work proposed.

What are we looking for? 
CAMTech is looking for technologies that can strengthen the delivery of healthcare. Successful proposals demonstrate the applicant’s technology will improve health outcomes specifically in LMICs; incorporate the value of co-creation throughout the process; have an interdisciplinary team with partners from LMICs; identify a business strategy that is sustainable; and be technologically feasible and innovative compared to what is currently available.

What is the process?
Innovation Awards are provided to a range of recipients, including academic researchers, clinicians, engineers and business students, as well as for-profit institutions and NGOs. During the proposal development process, CAMTech urges applicants to contact the CAMTech team to ensure proposals meet all of the identified criteria. For example, proposals that include one of our LMIC partners in Uganda and/or India are preferred in order to enhance the CAMTech network and build capacity at our international sites. Proposals are submitted to CAMTech’s online platform – CoLab.